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My works are about human connection. In a world that holds a lot of racial oppression, gender violence, structural inequalities and despair in face of the climate crisis, I feel a deep pain and disconnection with the monotony of a system built upon profit and exploitation. I’m working towards systems change through opening up conversations and listening to people; the pain beyond the façade, the stories of those made invisible by society, the disappointment behind despair, the hope and motivation of change makers…

If you’d like to join forces to bring about systems change, check out the cross sector work I’m doing at INSEP (International Network for Socially Engaged Practitioners) that I founded in 2017.

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What are your opera estate memories? This is the estate I grew up in. Returning after six years abroad left me feeling detached from my local neighbourhood. Houses changed, people changed. I started to question what’s left…

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Between Afghanistan and Singapore, 2021

Yesterday was the Afghanistan withdrawal deadline. The Americans have left the country. All other foreign country troops left over the weekend or on Friday. For many Afghans, this would mean the loss of a precious route out.…

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In Search of Hope

What hope can you find when everything is fucked? This is a film project that charts my journey in search of hope during COVID-19. At the end of February 2020, I left France after a year of…

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Creative Generation “Why change?” podcast

I was recently interviewed on Creative Generation’s “Why Change?” podcast and had a chat with ITAC’s executive director Madeleine McGirk on my socially engaged practice journey and my work with INSEP. Tune in for the conversation! In…

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