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After 5 years of incubation, I am finally publishing the first video of my docu-series! The Other Side was born after many, many conversations. It started off with me wanting to understand the violence of the Syrian war, my questioning of humanity, my research into the war in my family history and then many, many uncomfortable and emotional conversations I have had with my Japanese friends that got me to uncover various perspectives to the Japanese Occupation. I will spend the year travelling to interview and record various stories (do let me know if there is anyone you know who would like to share his or her account). This docu-series is not meant to provide a singular perspective but rather, all the other sides that exist as it is my attempt to understand the human behind each decision and experience. Here’s the first of the series, just in time to welcome 2020 (Yes! I made it before end of January!) Please help to share it if you liked it! A BIG, BIG, thank you to Menon for agreeing to do this interview and for checking all the edits before it’s published. Also, my deepest appreciation towards his mother, Mdm K.P.Madhavi Klitty, for wanting to take part in it even though she ended up too ill that day to be able to do the interview. Many thanks, Fié x

Green Spring

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Password: greenspringwomen
We seek to start conversations on social and political issues surrounding gender inequality, sexism and violence against women. Rape, Donald Trump’s sexism, anti abortion laws, forced marriage in India…
Feminism should not be labelled as unattractive. It is about equality. The fight that the Suffragettes and so many fought before us, why are we still fighting for something so basic? This conversation requires the participation of men as much as women. The responsibility to act and create change is not just on women.
Collaboration with Riley Burks and Nina Pan.

La Quiche Tour

La Quiche TourFabrice tour info french

“Bonjour. In Marseille I am nicknamed La Quiche because I’m from Lorraine. Unfortunately, I am homeless. I was in the Légionnaires (military). In military we earn points for retirement. But due to an accident in Chad, I didn’t do the full 15 years of military so I can’t have the full retirement allowance and have to wait till I am 62 years old to be able to get out of here. After military, the army gave us the chance to retrain and change careers. I passed the diploma to become a firefighter and was employed because someone dropped out. I worked till 2014 but lost the job because I had a heart attack. I had government assistance but couldn’t work again as I couldn’t pass the health check up required for employment. I tried to apply for emergency allowance when I could no longer receive government assistance but was struggling with administration. They kept saying they didn’t receive my papers and at some point I had no money left to continue sending the documents.”

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