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This is a podcast about hope and change making.
What actions can you take to make a difference in the current climate crisis? How can we care better?

The #Changemakers series brings hope back onto the table by interviewing various people who are working on the ground to create change. Learn about what and how they are doing it.
Our #conversations series open up spaces for critical awareness and conscious discourse.

Public school teacher to entrepreneur: Custom Learning Atelier with Beth Salyers Onions Talk: Change making through Socially Engaged Practices

"I just want to create a company where really badass people get to do the work that they love and that they are so good at and get paid really well and do it from anywhere in the world.” -Beth Salyers Beth Salyers is a public school teacher turned entrepreneur who leads Custom Learning Atelier, which utilises the art and science of learning to accompany you through the discomfort of growth and increase your positive impact on the world. Key points in this episode: From public school teacher and systemic inequalities to entrepreneur Teaching the great social conditioner – change what that normal feels like through intersection of art and science. Change happens in margin – staying at growth edge long enough Showing up in places with the kind of people you want to work with – showing up where its safe to ask What is my zone of sustainable service and staying there while respecting what it is for others – valuing multiple ways of knowing the self in the world Staying in discomfort is the work Check them out: https://www.customlearningatelier.com — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/onionstalk/support
  1. Public school teacher to entrepreneur: Custom Learning Atelier with Beth Salyers
  2. Agribusiness startup in Singapore with Urban Tiller #changemakers
  3. Systems change in action with Laura Francois #changemakers
  4. Scaling impact with Mr Toilet, Jack Sim #changemakers
  5. Fore-fronting Art X Science: Trauma-Focused Practice with Laura Fischer #changemakers

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